At least, we don’t want to release it as-is without warning users of the downsides. Fully playable except of all online modes. De plus si j’installe CemuHook depuis plusieurs versions, le jeu plante au démarrage. A few very noticeable missing textures especially in blocks, sometimes appearing white and at other times, invisible. World preview is not missing. L’interface graphique a été corrigé, des nouveaux paramétres et des corrections de bugs ont également été effectuées. Register a new account.

Nom: cemu 1.12.2
Format: Fichier D’archive
Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Licence: Usage Personnel Seulement
Taille: 39.86 MBytes

If cemu had online this game would be perfect. Played without cemuhook, at least without the shared fonts download. But some text is missing. The game does not go through the loading screen. Edited July 31, by bonky Cemu detailed changelog for 1.

Texts are missing from various areas mainly level names. Editing the 1.122. Game template Infobox docs New game tutorial. Does not run on any Radeon driver higher than For custom ce,u you can use Super Mario Maker Databasea client to swap out courses in your save game is available.

Views Read View source View history. Runs really smoothly with ocasional really ocasional seconds freezing. Pour mon xemu, l’emu était configuré région euro et langue Fr.


Cemu – Wii U emulator

Posted July 31, edited. Latest release Cemu 1.

Added UI localization This feature 1.112.2 experimental and the default language is still English. J’avoue ne pas bien comprendre pourquoi. But some text is missing.

cemu 1.12.2

This game does not require non-default settings to run properly. Additionally, there are also the usual ongoing attempts at fixing game specific bugs and compatibility. Too slow to play most levels. Some textures bug when you change mario game example: Fixed by pressing k twice.

Il y a encore quelques problèmes qui rendent certains jeux injouables et donc nous ne voulons pas les libérer dans son état actuel. For that purpose, we made a 112.2 homebrew program that runs a few CPU-heavy tasks and then prints out the duration.

Super Mario Maker

Game pages with misformatted series. You can use Cemuhook to add the missing fonts course titles, course creator names, etc. De plus si j’installe CemuHook depuis plusieurs versions, le jeu plante au démarrage. New features in this version include: Posted July 29, edited.


Tutoriel: Configurer l’émulateur Wii U : Cemu | Chez-Smash

Are there graphics packs for the latest version yet? Posted August 8, I love virtua striker 4 but there isnt any emulator ceemu this spectacular game. Merci de vous connecter pour poster un commentaire Envoyer. Last cemu build to run on AMD cards properly up to 1.

cemu 1.12.2

Thank you very much in advance. Posted July 28, Players are able to create cemmu play their own custom courses, based on Super Mario Bros.

Cemu – Wii U emulator – Download em Português

Some of the more fancy homebrew, 1.122.2 Homebrew launcher, nanddumper, FTPiiu everywhere or any of the system tools, won’t work in Cemu because they rely on the ARM coprocessor being present, which 1.122.

currently handles via HLE. GamePadPro Controller. Après mûre réflexion, nous avons élaboré le plan suivant: Please fix for 1.12.2 AMD drivers.